How Tourlane gains a centralized, single view of customers with Snowplow

To deliver personalized, memorable travel experiences, every member of the Tourlane team needs to understand the customer journey. They do it with Snowplow.

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Tourlane offers hyper-personalized travel experiences, tailor-made for customers by a team of in-house destination experts. The booking platform specializes in curating bespoke multi-day tours, based on answers to a series of questions on the Tourlane website.

While seamless for the user, it’s a resource-intensive, multi-touchpoint journey that Tourlane needs to understand from end to end to create hyper-relevance for each customer.


Tourlane’s model crosses multiple channels, platforms and devices. For example, there are many phone calls and emails between potential customers and their sales team. They wanted a way to bring all this together, and own and make immediate use of the vast troves of data these different sources produce.

To gain a single source of truth for each customer, Tourlane needed to centralize data from every possible source. Their aim was to import all data, including real-time and historical data, and cleanly stitch everything together to plan supply and demand more accurately, improve marketing efforts, and target spending around the specific products.

Tourlane also wanted to drive and support a tracking and data culture across the company. To do so, they needed to evolve from a simple Google Analytics-based, out-of-the-box data scenario with an active A/B testing environment to a company-wide mentality of understanding the need to track and analyze everything. 

Tourlane had reached a stage in the evolution of their analytics at which their legacy infrastructure became inadequate. 


Tourlane chose Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform to help them to reach their most urgent goal of getting all data into one single data warehouse. The top priorities were data from web, mobile, Salesforce booking data, leads, imported phone call/interaction data. 

Now, with Snowplow powered by AWS, Tourlane finally has a way to capture cross-device, online and offline (such as phone call) data, including historical data, and centralize it in their AWS instance. Armed with this data, they can begin to understand user behaviors and the business value of the destinations displayed on the website.

For example, if someone sees destination X on the website, how likely are they to convert later? For a complex set-up like Tourlane’s—where phone and email are also key to conversions—Snowplow enables them to analyze data about the online and offline journey. It all helps to predictively manage ad bidding and spending to balance the supply and demand challenge by day, month and season more accurately and sustainably. Which, in turn, helps the business deliver the very best customer experiences. 

With Snowplow, we are focused on extracting and centralizing data from everywhere, ensuring data quality to be able to stitch everything we need together to get a complete picture.” 



The importance and value of data is undeniable. Once it became clear that data would sit at the core of Tourlane’s business, the process of building a ‘data-first’ mindset across the company began. Now, the data team is growing to enable greater specialization in focus areas like customer, website, SEO, UX, marketing and more. 

Thanks to granular behavioral data from Snowplow, Tourlane has a powerful, single customer view that helps answer critical questions about customer intent, conversions and channel efficacy. And teams can better understand revenue and margins—per segment, market and destination—to refine their offering and stand out in a crowded market.

Snowplow has been helping us centralize our data and build the single customer view since day one. As we get closer to pinpointing precisely, for example, the booking value of a particular segment, and more complex data analysis, Snowplow will continue to be what we need.”


How you can get started with Snowplow

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