How Dialogue unlocks limitless data tracking opportunities with Snowplow

Using data created with Snowplow, Dialogue is enhancing the provision of personalized healthcare services.

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Dialogue is Canada’s leading virtual healthcare provider, supporting millions of people across more than 25,000 organizations with high-quality, personal medical advice.

WIth a mission of reducing barriers to healthcare services, Dialogue’s platform connects their members with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who can provide health programs and support remotely. 

In the wake of Covid-19, major shifts in how people prefer to access healthcare support led to a spike in demand for telemedicine and virtual care services. Dialogue needed to equip their product team with behavioral data to ensure they could build on their advantage and stay ahead of their industry. 


Dialogue’s telemedicine platform is a great example of a B2B tech solution addressing the need for virtual healthcare. But alongside an upward trend in demand, users have come to expect a fast, seamless service from their virtual healthcare provider—prompting Dialogue to focus on optimizing their product experience from first inquiry to their ideal medical outcome. 

What’s more, to justify their investments, the organizations who adopt Dialogue want an aggregated overview of how their workforce benefits from the platform. 

To enable Dialogue’s product team to make improvements, and to deliver reliable reports to the companies who purchase Dialogue services for staff, they needed the ability to track across multiple domains. Yet Dialogue found their data setup was limited when it came to capturing anonymized behavioral data to empower their product team. 

Another challenge was the lack of flexibility around which events could be tracked, which left Dialogue with analytical blind spots for internal reporting. These limiting factors sparked Matthieu Di Mercurio, Dialogue’s Director of Data Science, to look for a solution that would empower his team with the data they needed to enhance their healthcare platform. 

We needed to have better control of the data to meet our requirements in terms of compliance. We really wanted to make sure we could track more efficiently—in the past, we had to limit our tracking based on what was available.” 



Matthieu had three key criteria when it came to his data solution:

  • It needed to grant his team better control and ownership of the data, so that Dialogue could meet their compliance requirements and govern their data on their own terms. 
  • It had to be at least equal in terms of tracking capabilities to their existing CDP solution. 
  • It needed to be cost-effective, especially since Dialogue’s data team were considering building their own tool. 

Front of mind for Matthieu and his team was a data set they could rely on, both for internal reporting and externally for their clients. At Dialogue, behavioral data feeds into the daily decisions of the product, operations and marketing teams, but it is also key to the experience clients expect—allowing them to keep track of how their employees access healthcare services. 

​​Soon, Matthieu and his team were testing out Snowplow, having discovered it could meet all of these requirements. To begin with, they set up Snowplow tracking on their chatbot solution, capturing data on how prospects were inquiring about Dialogue’s services. 

Using Try Snowplow, the team at Dialogue quickly saw how Snowplow’s flexible tracking and schemas would deliver the well-structured behavioral data they needed across all their platforms, from their web interface, to their chatbot function, their mobile app, and more. 

Even better, Snowplow data would never leave their cloud environment, which satisfied Dialogue’s need to meet compliance requirements such as PIPEDA and GDPR. Total ownership—combined with the ability to set up custom events—meant Dialogue’s team was free to create the data they needed. 


The team at Dialogue has taken great strides in making behavioral data accessible to employees who need it. Although data maturity varies across teams, Dialogue has laid the groundwork for a data-informed culture, where insights into the sign-up journey and member experience are shaping the platform’s future. 

Dialogue has moved from limited tooling that held their product team back, to a reliable, single source of truth that enables growth. This data set not only empowers internal decisions, but also earns the trust of Dialogue’s clients, who now have greater visibility of their employee’s health and wellbeing during a critical time for the healthcare industry. 

Behavioral data drives our product optimization. We have teams working on the member experience, the healthcare provider experience and also working with our partners who embed data into their own services.” 


How you can get started with Snowplow

To learn more about how Snowplow can empower your organization with behavioral data creation, book in a chat with our team today. Alternatively, Try Snowplow is our free, easy-to-use version of our technology, which allows you to create your own behavioral data in under 30 mins.

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