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Why Martech is Interesting Again

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Discover why martech is interesting again in this fireside chat from the Best of Breed Marketing Summit with Alex Dean, Co-founder and CEO of Snowplow, Scott Brinker, Editor at chiefmartec.com, and Frans Riemersma, Founder of martechtechtribe.com.

In the interview, Alex, Scott and Frans discuss:

  • How the release of AWS Redshift in 2012 triggered a domino effect of all martech being rewritten;
  • The decline of third-party data and the rise of first and second-party data;
  • How AI and machine learning are transforming the martech industry.

This interview delves into the topics covered in Alex’s Substack – Why Martech is Interesting Again. To read the full article and subscribe to Alex’s Substack, click here.

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