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Why I Believe in Snowplow

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I am delighted to have joined the Snowplow Board this month as a non-executive director, and was asked by Alex, Snowplow’s CEO, to share more background about why I chose to join. As ever, there are three reasons!

Firstly there is a clear market trend towards owning high-quality, first-party behavioral data rather than relying on second or third-party data. Global privacy regulation is only going to tighten up what is allowed, and owned, first-party data, collected legitimately, will become precious. That creates real, lasting demand for Snowplow and what it enables.

Secondly, the number of digital channels and products generating first-party behavioral data continues to explode, which leads to a real problem for organizations: how to capture high-quality behavioral data, at pace, with high reliability and without costing the Earth. Snowplow solves this problem elegantly, collecting data once and making it available for multiple use cases.

Thirdly, the trend toward a digital society is being greatly accelerated by the current Covid-19 pandemic. Consumers all over the world are being forced to use digital channels and are creating new digital habits. I don’t think we will ever go back completely to the pre-pandemic era, and this will again mean great opportunity for the company as digital services will continue to grow at faster than anticipated rates.

My rationale reflects, of course, hard-headed, logical, commercial reasoning, but in truth, the one overriding factor motivating my alignment with Snowplow is the people. A dedicated, hard-working, innovative, creative, trustworthy and fun team in this space is simply irresistible!

I hope to see you here too, as a customer, partner or new colleague before too long.

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Matthew Tod

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