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Wellbeing Day

Last week I took you through a recap of our Mindfulness Month and mentioned that we’d be having a Wellbeing Day in March. Well that day has come! We’ve given each and every Snowplower the day to spend in whichever way they see fit. And before you say anything, I’m writing this on Thursday. If you’re reading this at the time it was published, I’m probably sound asleep.

We really couldn’t have picked a better week. Earlier this week, 2/3 of the People Ops team, including myself, were out of action for a day. The weight of the world had become a bit too much for us and we needed to take a day to recuperate.

Some companies have “mental health days” which can be taken if somebody is feeling mentally unwell. Whilst we encourage our team to take time off if they’re feeling mentally drained or if their mental health is suffering, it’s classed as nothing more than just a sick day. Mental health falls under general health and is equally as important as physical health. We don’t ask our employees to explain themselves, we just trust they’re looking after themselves so that they can come back to work feeling their best.

Unlike a mental health day, a wellbeing day is company-wide and is not dependent on the person’s current state of mental health. Whether we spend the day going for a run in the park, eating clean and meditating or we spend the day sleeping in, watching Netflix and ordering takeaway, we all have different ways of looking after ourselves. Self care isn’t pedicures, face masks and brunch, it’s making sure you have what you need to make yourself feel mentally healthy. Sometimes it’s as simple as just remembering to take your meds.

Look after yourselves and stay healthy!

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Nicki Faulkner
Nicki Faulkner

Nicki works in engagement & wellbeing at Snowplow and keeps the team feeling happy and connected to the team. Posts include mental health, LGBT+ topics and daily life behind the scenes at Snowplow.

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