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Using Snowplow to solve business problems at our latest London Meetup

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Keane, Jeremy, and Gareth, our speaker for London Meetup #5

On March 29th, we were excited to host members of the digital analytics community at Runway East for the return of the Snowplow Meetup to London for the fifth time.

We had three presentations, including two from organizations that have found success using the Snowplow pipeline to power their digital analytics.

Check out the videos below and join the official Snowplow Meetup group to find an event near you.


Jeremy Hindle of Headstart

Co-founder and CTO Jeremy Hindle of Headstart walks us through how Headstart uses Snowplow to build a data-driven recruitment platform. Used by some of the world’s leading companies, Headstart uses machine learning to help employers efficiently find the best suited candidates, drastically reducing the length of the recruitment process.

View Jeremy’s talk here:

Or check out his slides:


Gareth Rogers, data engineer at Metail

Metail aims to change the way we online shop for clothing by allowing customers to try on clothes online before they buy, increasing purchase confidence and reducing return rates. Data Engineer Gareth Rogers took us behind the scenes and gave us a guided tour through Metail’s unique analytics stack which employs Amazon Redshift Spectrum to optimize their data querying.

Watch Gareth’s talk:

View Gareth’s slides:


Keane Robinson demos some of Lifecake’s findings

One of our data scientists on our services team, Keane Robinson, presented some of the initial findings from work he’s conducted with family-focused photo sharing app Lifecake and their team to better understand what drives retention. Keane breaks down how he and the Lifecake team approached the problem, their initial findings, and how they worked together to start turning their data into actionable insights.

See Keane’s full talk:

Check out Keane’s slides:

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