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Using behavioral data to gain deep insights into your customer base

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Learn how Snowplow helps organizations create behavioral data to gain a competitive advantage in this interview between Ryan Green, Anchor at Snowflake and Yali Sassoon, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Snowplow.

Marketing teams are under increasing competitive pressure for customer attention. The winners are those teams that are able to target the right audience in the most relevant and compelling way. Except, most marketing teams do not do this as effectively as they think they do.

To gain a true competitive advantage, marketing teams need to work with data experts to create real-time behavioral data – detailed information about a person’s actions or behaviors – that serves as the foundation for successful marketing. 

Watch the interview to learn how Snowplow is helping marketing teams achieve this and its plans for the future.

Snowplow is a Premier Partner with Snowflake Ready Technology Validation. Together, Snowplow and Snowflake’s joint solution helps businesses, data teams and analytics professionals understand customers with near-infinite scalability.

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