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Try Snowplow for free

Earlier this year, we released Try Snowplow, the fastest and simplest way to get started with Snowplow. We have now updated it so you no longer have to deploy your own pipeline, which means you don’t need access to a cloud account. 

What is Try Snowplow?

Try Snowplow enables you to track events from your own applications and analyze the data using your preferred BI tool, all in less than 5 minutes. Try Snowplow also comes with a tutorial library for common use cases, from marketing attribution and funnel analysis to building a single customer view across platforms and channels.

Improving the Try Snowplow experience

When we first launched Try Snowplow, trial pipelines were deployed into users’ own cloud accounts (via CloudFormation) in a similar way to our open source and full product, Snowplow Insights. Whilst this gave users full ownership and access over the data they collected, it also meant that they had to have access to a cloud account, making it more difficult and costly. Our user research on Try Snowplow revealed that this was a significant barrier to data practitioners trying out our software.

Try Snowplow for free, without a cloud account 

To make sure that everyone has the chance to get started with our technology, we decided to update Try Snowplow to a hosted solution. When you sign up, we automatically deploy a dedicated secure pipeline, and you can immediately start sending data to your dedicated endpoint. You can then access the data via Postgres, and start exploring how Snowplow can empower your organization with behavioral data. For more information on how your data is stored and secured, check out the technical documentation. 

Get started today

With our updated version of Try Snowplow, it’s never been easier to explore how Snowplow can help you solve your data use cases. You can start collecting high-quality, well-structured behavioral data in less than 5 minutes, completely for free. Try Snowplow today to see how it works.   

Learn from your peers

Before implementing Snowplow, Attest’s internal behavioral data collection was disparate and siloed; it lacked a way to capture trust-worthy data across its multiple domains to power various internal teams. 

With Try Snowplow, Attest were able gain an insight into Snowplow’s behavioral data platform (BDP) and verify it as a solution to their problems. Having quickly spun-up a free trial version of our software, they successfully executed a number of test use cases and showcased their findings to senior management. 

Now, having integrated Snowplow into their data stack, Attest have been able to fully harness the power of their behavioral data. Alongside creating a single source of truth for multiple teams across the organization, they’ve been able to become more data mature through using Snowplow. By placing high-quality, granular behavioral data at the centre of their decision-making, Attest continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Read Attest’s full experience with Try Snowplow here.

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