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The next-generation of digital analytics

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At Snowflake Summit 2023, Snowplow’s Mike Robins and Patrick Crosby of Snowflake spoke with theCUBE about the changing digital analytics landscape. In the video interview, they share tips on how to create a digital analytics platform to enable real-time data analysis, campaign performance analysis, and customer engagement personalization.

The CUBE covers tech thought leadership worldwide. TheCUBE’s professionally produced and expertly hosted interviews offers live, hybrid and virtual experiences – with on-demand insights into virtually every facet of a rapidly evolving landscape that’s redefining how business and society work.

Snowflake Summit is a four-day conference featuring keynotes, breakout sessions, and an exposition floor where thousands of Snowflake’s partners, customers, and industry peers gather to network, collaborate, and obtain essential knowledge about Snowflake and emerging trends in data and analytics.

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