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The inaugural Snowplow Meetup Boston is a wrap!

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Two weeks ago, hot on the heals of the Snowplow Meetup New York, Snowplow users in Boston convened on the Carbonite offices for the first Snowplow Meetup Boston.

Rob Johnson from carbonite starting his talk

We had two early Snowplow adopters talk about what they were doing with Snowplow. First, Rob Johnson discussed how Carbonite has become progressively more sophisticated in their use of data analytics, and the role Snowplow has played in supporting that evolution.

Ty Wilson at CustomMade then gave a talk describing how Snowplow data is used at CustomMade to enable A/B testing and user journey analytics. You can view his slides below.

Christophe Bogaert followed up with an overview of event data modeling and a sneak peak at some of the tooling we’re working on at Snowplow to make doing event data modeling easier.

Huge thank you to Rob, Ty and Christophe for three thought-provoking talks. Thanks too to everyone who came along. Special thanks to Rob and the Carbonite team for kindly hosting the event at their offices and making sure that everyone had plenty to eat and drink.

Don’t forget: we have Snowplow Meetups planned in May for Berlin and Amsterdam, and hope to be announcing meetups in London and Tel-Aviv for June, and Copenhagen, Budapest and San Francisco later this year. Get in touch if you’d like to help make a Snowplow Meetup happen where you live.

And… We plan to be back in Boston soon – if you’d like to come along to the next meetup there then join the meetup group.

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