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Take data collection and privacy seriously with Snowplow

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Learn how Snowplow helps organizations with data protection and compliance in episode 15 of the Life After GDPR podcast with show host, Rick Dronkers, and Jordan Peck, Solutions Architect at Snowplow.

In the interview, Rick and Jordan talk about:

  • What Snowplow is and how it can be a viable alternative to Google Analytics in the post-GDPR era
  • How Snowplow helps ensure data privacy and compliance
  • The difference between Snowplow’s BDP and open source products
  • How to get started with Snowplow

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), US and EU authorities are paying more attention to data privacy and compliance. Some EU countries have even banned the use of Google Analytics due to concerns that it is not compliant with GDPR. As a result, organizations need to pay more attention to data privacy and compliance to avoid costly fines and reputational damage 

Watch the video interview with Jordan and Rick to learn how your organization can become future-proof by building a privacy-conscious data strategy

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