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Snowplow wins ‘Best Personalisation Tool’ at the UK Digital Growth Awards

We are thrilled to win ‘Best Personalisation Tool’ at this year’s UK Digital Growth Awards, also reaching finalist status for the ‘Innovation Award’ and ‘Best Tracking Technology’ categories. 

One of Snowplow BDP’s many functionalities is that it allows businesses to personalize user experience in real time, allowing them to optimize customer acquisition and retention with high-quality behavioral data.

UK Digital Growth Award win

Yali Sassoon

“I’m delighted with this win! Personalization depends critically on good data: The better you feed the personalization algorithm, the better the personalization algorithm will perform. 

As an industry, we’ve been overfocused on algorithms and tech and not thinking enough about the data that powers that tech. This award shows that the industry is starting to recognize how critical data and data quality are.”

Yali Sassoon, Co-Founder of Snowplow

How is Snowplow BDP used?

Canada’s leading media outlet, The Globe and Mail, is a prime example of how companies can use behavioral data to improve customer-focused output. Fueled by Snowplow data, The Globe and Mail are able to personalize 99% of the content their readers see in real time, resulting in a Click Through Rate (CTR) increase of 17% and a 10% increase in subscriber acquisition rate. 

Insights obtained from Snowplow data are also used across the newsroom: guiding editors and journalists’ content planning and informing low latency decision making. 

For other examples of how Snowplow BDP helps companies drive personalization efforts, read our topic-specific case studies:

  • Software.com – a US based B2B SaaS company specializing in DevOps performance
  • La Presse – Canada’s fully-digital French language online newspaper
  • Picnic – France’s leading mobile-first supermarket

Can behavioral data help your organization?

To find out how we can help you drive value with behavioral data, schedule a call with us or arrange a demo.

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