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Snowplow wins ‘Best Attribution Solution’ at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising

We are excited to announce that our Behavioral Data Platform, Snowplow BDP, has been recognized as ‘Best Attribution Solution’ at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising.

The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising is a global awards program that recognizes the best technology and digital media in advertising.

Through our open source technology, we enable companies to increase the effectiveness and return-on-investment of their paid advertising.

With Snowplow’s high quality, event-level behavioral data, you are empowered to decide what data goes into your attribution model, what counts as a marketing touch or a conversion across all channels and platforms, what attribution mechanism you want to use, and how this information is displayed to the various stakeholders in your business. 

Having the control and flexibility to choose the attribution logic that reflects the customer journey is key to understanding real return on investment. 

With Snowplow data, we set sales records five months in a row from when we started the ad tests.” – Aaron Hirshberg, COO at Green Building Supply.

We are delighted to be recognized by The Drum, a leading voice in marketing globally, for the contributions that Snowplow is making to the digital advertising industry.

Increase digital ad revenue and optimize campaign insights with behavioral data for advertisers and publishers.

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