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Snowplow Arduino Tracker released – sensor and event analytics for the internet of things

Today we are releasing our first non-Web tracker for Snowplow – an event tracker for the Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform. The Snowplow Arduino Tracker lets you track sensor and event-stream information from one or more IP-connected Arduino boards.

We chose this as our first non-Web tracker because we’re hugely excited about the potential of sophisticated analytics for the Internet of Things, following in the footsteps of great projects like Cosm and Exosite. And of course, Snowplow’s extremely-scalable architecture is a great fit for the huge volumes of events and sensor readings which machines are able to generate – you could say that we are already “machine-scale”!


As far as we know, this is the first time an event analytics platform has released a dedicated tracker for the maker community; we can’t wait to see what the Arduino and Snowplow communities will use it for! Some ideas we had were:

  1. Deploying a set of Snowplow-connected Arduinos to monitor the environment (temperature, humidity, light levels etc) in your home
  2. Tracking the movement of products around your shop/warehouse/factory using Arduino, RFID readers and Snowplow
  3. Sending vehicle fleet information (locations, speeds, fuel levels etc) back to Snowplow using Arduino’s 3G and GPS shields

In fact Alex has gone ahead and written a sample Arduino sketch to track temperatures and log the readings to Snowplow – you can find his project on GitHub at alexanderdean/arduino-temp-tracker.

Want to find out more? To get started using our event tracker for Arduino, check out:

Happy making!

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