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Snowplow Meetups set for New York and Boston this spring!

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Hot off the heels of last month’s Snowplow Meetup Sydney and next month’s Snowplow Meetup Budapest, we are very excited to announce Snowplow Meetups in March in New York and Boston.


The New York Meetup will take place on March 30th at the TripAdvisor offices. We’ve got Animoto’s Criz Posadas to talking about Snowplow at Animoto, and Ben Hoyt of Oyster.com will talk about how they came to Snowplow, how they set it up (configuration and schema setup) and how Snowplow is used today for reporting and analytics. More details on both those talks to follow as we confirm them.

The Boston Meetup will take place the following week on April 5th at the Carbonite offices. We have two speakers lined up already – Robert Johnson from Carbonite will be providing a high level overview of how Snowplow is used there, whilst CustomMade’s Ty Wilson will dive into howthey used Snowplow event data and A/B testing to optimise critical user journeys.

Enormous thank you to the kind folks at Carbonite and TripAdvisor for hosting us, and talking at the events alongside the teams at Animoto and CustomMade.

If you’re interested in attending, then sign up for the New York Meetup here, and the Boston Meetup here. (Free Snowplow T-shirts to anyone who attends both.) Both Christophe and I will be visiting from London – if you’d like to meet in person in either city, then get in touch! And finally, if you’re interested in speaking, or would like to hear either Christophe or I present at either of the events, then let us know.

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