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Snowplow Spotlight: Claire White

Claire White – Customer Success Specialist

How would you describe what you do in a nutshell?

I help data teams do cool things!

I work with our Growth customers to ensure they have the insights, tools and training they need to get the most value from their Snowplow data, so they can focus on delivering behavioural data insights to the business instead of endlessly cleaning or reformatting.

What does an average day look like for you?

Everyday starts with a to-do list and prioritising activities for the day ahead! Regularly featured activities include, on-boarding and training sessions for new customers, preparing for and leading strategic business reviews with existing customers, internal meetings and creating material to support our team’s activities.

One of my favourite things about working in customer success is that we regularly get the chance to interact with all teams here at Snowplow – from finance and engineering to sales and support, my days are always collaborative and varied.

How did you get to do what you are doing?

I graduated from university in 2017 after studying English and unexpectedly found myself with a job at a recruitment company. I was a really rubbish recruitment consultant, but I was lucky enough that my managing director let me have the opportunity to instead build out the company’s marketing and business development.

One of the roles we often recruited for was customer success at SaaS companies, so when I was ready to take on a role that was more customer focused, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

Between my degree, marketing and business development and customer success, the common thread has always been communication. Learning how to communicate clearly, concisely and with impact in each position has been my favourite challenge.

How does working for Snowplow compare to previous roles?

Going from working at a small, specialist recruitment company to working at a growing tech start-up was a pretty significant change! Getting used to working with a wider variety of teams and not just recruiters was a big leap in my professional experience, but from the beginning, everyone was as friendly and welcoming as my last role.

Working at Snowplow, I’ve also felt much more empowered to take ownership of my work/life balance. Having the opportunity to work from home or remotely and work flexible hours has meant that I’ve been able to fit work around my life, which feels so much healthier and liberating! Whether it’s taking an extra hour at lunch to take my cats to the vet, working from Denmark for two weeks whilst my girlfriend was travelling there for work or finishing early to catch a flight (pre-2020!), my time has always been in my hands.

What has kept you motivated and sane throughout lockdown?

My biggest motivator and sanity check in lockdown has definitely been my girlfriend Alba, throughout the global and personal challenges of lockdown life, our relationship has been both a rock-solid foundation of stability and a fountain of positivity and fun.

Alongside her and our lovely friend and flatmate Catherine, we are yet to have had a dull moment – a brief highlight of our activities across the last 12 months include:

Writing and designing a fake magazine to keep our families up to date about our life in lockdown
Reviewing our lifestyle to make more eco-friendly choices e.g skincare products and energy suppliers
Buying crazy animal themed onesies to wear around the house
Upping our at home exercise game and getting in more workouts
Dressing up and having a murder mystery themed evening
Setting ourselves an “around the world in 31 dishes” challenge for January 2021

Slowing life down has also given me a unique opportunity to reflect and work on my relationship with myself, my family and friends and as a result I feel like I’m starting 2021 more focused and resilient than ever.

How do you make the most out of remote working?

I’ve been making the most out of remote working by leaving the country! I was living and working in London at the beginning of 2020, but in September we headed over to Spain for a few months so we could spend Christmas with my girlfriend’s parents.

We will shortly be returning to the UK and have plans to do some “extreme” remote working and moving to the Orkney Islands for the rest of the year – living on a remote island has always been a childhood dream.

On a more day to day basis – I regularly have an afternoon dip in energy, so having the option to take a comfortable power nap if needed is a real game changer!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

At work, I’m most looking forward to seeing how Snowplow continues to grow and develop in 2021, when I started at Snowplow there were less than 40 people and now we are aiming to have closer to 140 people in the team by the end of the year. It’s a unique and exciting journey and I’m happy to be part of it!

In my personal life, my girlfriend and I got engaged at the beginning of the year, so I’m looking forward to planning the wedding and new adventures together – COVID or not, life goes on!

If you could see yourself working alongside Claire in the Customer Success Team, head over to our careers page and get in touch today.

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