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Snowplow returns to New York City with Datadog and Capital One

The Snowplow Meetup returns to New York

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney, Sao Paulo – Snowplow Meetups can be found around the world. In June, we returned to New York City. With a thriving analytics community as well as a hub for Snowplow users in the United States, we felt it was time to return to the Big Apple.

View from the Datadog office

High above New York City

Cloud monitoring software provider Datadog hosted our event at their offices in the New York Times building in the heart of Manhattan. With the skyline as our backdrop and Snowplow cofounder Yali Sassoon as our MC, we kicked off our third New York City Meetup, featuring an amazing lineup of speakers. Big thanks to Datadog and Capital One for coming out and talking about how they’re using Snowplow.

Datadog and Capital One both showed our guests what Snowplow technology looks like in action and how powerful event data can be for a business. As a cloud monitoring platform, Datadog deals with mountains of data every day and their internal analytics team used Snowplow to empower the rest of the company with actionable data to drive growth. Capital One uses Snowplow as an integral element of their analytics stack and uses our real-time pipeline to power their fraud detection, keeping their users secure.

Our lineup of sneakers


Othmane Abou-Amal from Datadog introduced us to Lavacake, the team at Datadog responsible for Internal Analytics, and of which Othmane is a part. Their mission is to centralize all of their internal analytics and make it accessible to any team, and to be able to provide those teams with the right data to answer their questions about how Datadog’s users engage with their product.

Because Datadog deal with such high volumes of data, their pipeline is complex and the data is in high demand. With teams working on in-product recommendations, revenue attribution, and product development, Datadog has teams who need data from multiple different stages of their processing pipeline, and those teams all engage with that data in different ways. Othmane and Lavacake were able to overcome this challenge and effectively socialize their data using Snowplow.

Watch the video of Othmane’s presentation to learn more about how Datadog use Snowplow to drive growth:

Capital One

As one of the largest financial institutions in the United States, Capital One is responsible for high volumes of personal data. The sensitive nature of their data made finding a powerful, sophisticated data solution challenging before finding Snowplow. The flexibility of the Snowplow platform and how it enables companies to take complete ownership of their data made our technology an ideal choice to suit their needs. Capital One now leverages the Snowplow real-time pipeline to power their fraud detection and uses data collected with Snowplow in conjunction with their internal data to provide deep customer analytics.


Speaking on behalf of Snowplow, Yali Sassoon gave a talk on our development roadmap for the near future. We have three primary initiatives that will inform much of our development: make Snowplow easier to use, let people run Snowplow in any environment they want, and make data protection easier.

“The driving principle behind Snowplow to date has been around giving our users power to do more with their data,” Yali told the audience, “Making Snowplow easy to use has always been a secondary consideration, if a consideration at all.” Yali outlined two ways we’ll be making Snowplow easier to use, a graphical user interface on top of our platform, and specific solutions powered by Snowplow.

Watch the video of Yali’s full talk to learn what kind of solutions we’re building, our next cloud storage targets, and how we’re making it easier to securely protect your data.

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