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Snowplow R107 Trypillia released

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We are excited to announce the release of Snowplow R107 Trypillia.

This release introduces the IAB Spiders & Robots enrichment for detecting bots and spiders using data from the IAB, as well as Marketo and Vero webhook adapters implemented by our partners at Snowflake Analytics.

Read on for more information on R107 Trypillia, named after the Cucuteni–Trypillia archaeological culture (c. 5200 to 3500 BC) in present-day Romania and Ukraine:

  1. IAB Spiders & Robots enrichment support
  2. Vero webhook support
  3. Marketo webhook support
  4. Other changes
  5. Upgrading
  6. Roadmap
  7. Help


1. IAB Spiders & Robots enrichment

The IAB Spiders & Robots Enrichment uses the IAB/ABC International Spiders and Bots List to determine whether an event was generated by a robot/spider, as determined by its IP address and user agent.

If you have problems with automated crawlers, scrapers or other bots skewing your website traffic, then this enrichment is well worth exploring.

You can find out more on the IAB enrichment page of the Snowplow wiki.

2. Vero webhook support

The Vero webhook adapter lets you receive the email-related events delivered by Vero. Using this functionality, you can warehouse all email-related events alongside your existing Snowplow data.

All of the currently documented Vero events are supported by this release, including bounced, clicked, created, delivered, opened, sent, unsubscribed and updated events.

For help setting up the Vero webhook, please see the Vero webhook setup page.

Many thanks to Peter Zhu from our partner Snowflake Analytics for contributing this webhook.

3. Marketo webhook support

Our new support for Marketo lets you track webhook events emitted by their SaaS marketing automation system. This functionality will allow you to ensure that the various marketing campaigns you setup in Marketo are correctly tracked by Snowplow.

For help setting up the Marketo webhook, refer to the Marketo webhook setup guide.

Again, many thanks to Peter Zhu for his contributions here.

4. Other changes

In addition to the above we have made the following changes:

  • Propagating the currency code to all the contexts which require it in our Google Analytics adapter (where previously it was treated as a composite context) (issue #3733)
  • Upgrading the dependency on jackson-databind to 2.9.3 for all projects that use it. Many thanks to Roman Salin for this contribution (issue #3767)
  • Upgrading the example config for the PII enrichment to version 2, as released in R106 Acropolis (issue #3812)

5. Upgrading

Batch pipeline upgrade instructions

To upgrade, update your EmrEtlRunner configuration to the following:

enrich: version: spark_enrich: 1.15.0 # WAS 1.14.0

For a complete example, see our sample config.yml template.

Real-time pipeline upgrade instructions

The latest version of Stream Enrich is available from our Bintray here.

6. Roadmap

Upcoming Snowplow releases will include:

7. Getting Help

For more details on this release, as always do check out the release notes on GitHub.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please visit our Discourse forum.

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