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Snowplow 104 Stoplesteinan released with important EmrEtlRunner bugfixes

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We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow R104 Stoplesteinan. This release brings a few critical stability-related bug fixes to the new Stream Enrich mode introduced in EmrEtlRunner in R102 Afontova Gora.

Read on for more information on R104 Stoplesteinan, named after the ancient stone circle located in southwestern Norway:

  1. Bugs in R102 Stream Enrich mode
  2. Who is affected
  3. How to recover
  4. Upgrading
  5. Roadmap
  6. Help


1. Bugs in R102 Stream Enrich mode

In R102 Afontova Gora we presented a new Stream Enrich mode for EmrEtlRunner, evolving the Snowplow Lambda architecture towards something more performant and cost-effective.

Unfortunately, several critical bugs were introduced in the recovery process of pipelines with Stream Enrich mode enabled; these issues combined can lead to folders becoming “stalled” in enriched.good or archived without proper shredding and loading (though no data should be lost).

In Stream Enrich mode, EmrEtlRunner has a new skippable step, staging_stream_enrich, which replaces both staging and enrich steps from the classic Batch Enrich mode.

The problem is that EmrEtlRunner R012 running in Stream Enrich mode still accepted the inappropriate staging and enrich steps as valid skip values; recovery scripts which were not updated to skip staging_stream_enrich instead of staging and enrich would:

  • Silently swallow the staging and enrich skips
  • Run an unwanted staging_stream_enrich step, which would incorrectly stage new enriched data into an enriched.good folder
  • This new folder of enriched data would be “stalled” in enriched.good and never processed

Another related bug was EmrEtlRunner returning a false negative for the “ongoing run” check when enriched event folders had stalled in enriched.good.

These issues have been addressed in R104 Stoplesteinan.

2. Who is affected

The bugs described above impact only Stream Enrich mode and do not cause issues in classic Batch Enrich mode. A corresponding Snowplow pipeline likely was affected by these bugs if a recovery attempt was made with R102:

  • If a recovery process was launched which incorrectly skipped staging or enrich – you should check enriched.good for leftover folders
  • If a recovery process was launched which also skipped shred or rdb_load – you should check if Redshift is missing any data from folders present in enriched.archive or shredded.archive

3. How to recover

If you find that you are missing data in Redshift and in shredded.archive, then first upgrade to R104.

To recover the data, you can simply restage data from the run folders to the enriched.stream folder, to be staged and processed during your next launch.

4. Upgrading

The latest version of EmrEtlRunner is available from our Bintray here.

There are no configuration-level changes in this release.

When you upgrade, make sure to update any recovery scripts you have which previously featured --skip staging,enrich and change them to either --resume-from shred or --skip staging_stream_enrich.

5. Roadmap

Upcoming Snowplow releases will include:

6. Getting help

For more details on this release, please check out the release notes on GitHub.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please visit our Discourse forum.

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