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The inaugural Snowplow meetup in San Francisco is a wrap!

Just over two weeks ago I met with 50 Snowplow users and prospective users at Tilt’s gorgeous offices in San Francisco for the first Snowplow meetup to take place in San Francisco. There we were very privilaged to hear three fantastic talks: from Pete O’Leary at Chefsfeed, Jackson Wang from Tilt and Nora Paymer from StumbleUpon.

Chefsfeed’s Pete O’Leary opened the event with a detailed look at how the Chefsfeed team use Snowplow to understand user behaviour across all their marketing channels and within their app, developing a deep understanding of how different marketing channels and campaigns drive different user behaviours, and how those in turn drive value. You can view Pete’s deck below.

Tilt’s Jackson Wang followed up with a talk on how Tilt uses Splash pages to drive engagement with their mobile application, and how because Snowplow enables Tilt to successfully track users across their entire lifecycle, they are now able to optimize the use of Splash Pages early to improve engagement levels much later. You can see Jackson’s slides below.

Nora Paymer from StumbleUpon finished rounded off the event with a talk about the role Snowplow has played at StumbleUpon as part of a larger project to integrate data across different sources and make it accessible to the product team, marketing and other teams so that they can be more data driven. Nora’s talk was very expansive – she went into a lot of detail on the previous and current data architectures at StumbleUpon, and many of the challenges associated with managing schema coordination across platforms and teams. You can view her slides below.

Enormous thank to you all three speakers for three wonderful talks, and big thanks to Reem Ateyeh and the whole Tilt team for hosting us, feed us and watering us. Finally thank you to everyone who attended the event – it was awesome to get a chance to meet the San Francisco data community and I very much look forward to returning for a second event early next year.

If you’d like to speak at a forthcoming Snowplow meetup San Francisco, or help us organise a Snowplow meetup in your city, then get in touch!

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