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Snowplow Meetup London Number 4: a roundup

Our fourth Snowplow London Meetup took place on February the 8th at CodeNode. It was a fun and informative event with around 60 people attending, great talks and lots of interesting questions from the audience. We have filmed the talks, which you can watch in the links below, along with the presentation slides.

How Gousto is moving to the real-time pipeline to enable just-in-time personalization

Dejan Petelin, head of data science at Gousto, gave a presentation about their data journey, explaining how data reflects the customer’s voice and the importance of joining up all data sources. The goal is to delight and retain customers – critical for a subscription business like Gousto’s. Gousto is using Snowplow as a unified log, to scale up its data capabilities, listen to its customers and provide them with a more personalized experience. Finally, Gousto is moving to the real-time pipeline to enable just-in-time personalization.

See Dejan’s talk below:

And his slides:

For more information see Dejan’s blog post about his presentation.

Why Snowplow is at the heart of Busuu’s data and analytics infrastructure

Bruce Pannaman, data scientist at Busuu, talked about why they are using Snowplow to validate and enrich data, enable one source of truth across different data sources, cope with peaks and troughs in the data stream, and easily integrate with third party systems such as Intercom, a customer messaging platform. One of Busuu’s future projects is to load multiple A/B tests into the apps and monitor their results in real time.

See Bruce’s talk below:

And his slides:

Evolving your analytics stack with your business

Christophe Bogaert, Data Scientist at Snowplow, talked about how businesses are constantly evolving, why that means their analytics stack needs to evolve with it and how Snowplow supports that evolution. With Snowplow, you can flexibly define the events and entities to represent your business. Finally, he talked about event data modeling and how to handle the evolution of your data pipeline.

See Christophe’s talk below.

And his slides:

A huge thank you to Dejan Petelin, Bruce Pannaman and Christophe Bogaert for their talks, everyone who took part and CodeNode for hosting the event.

The next Snowplow Meetup is in San Francisco on February the 22nd. You can sign up for it here.

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