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Snowplow meetups announced in London and Sydney

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One of the best things about working at Snowplow is that it gives us the opportunity to work with some of the smartest companies in data. Snowplow attracts users who by definition are pushing event data beyond the limits imposed by traditional web and mobile analytics tools. Having and working with such a smart userbase means we get to learn from them every day.


It’s no surprise then that it was our users, rather than one of our team, that came up with the idea of a physical meetup. Narbeh Yousefian from Digdeep Digital and Simon Rumble (maybe the first Snowplow user) setup the Snowplow Analytics Sydney Meetup. Around the same time, Stewart Duncan from Simply Business suggested we have a meetup in London, and kindly offered to sponsor it at the Simply Business offices.

We’re really excited about these meetups – we hope that they’ll be great occasions for Snowplow users and prospective users to share ideas, techniques, approaches and use cases with one another – and give our users the same chance to learn from one another, that we’ve already had working with them.

So please sign up! If you can’t make it to London or Sydney, but think we should be organising something in your city, then let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We’re planning the first event in London to take place towards the end of January or beginning of February, once 2015 has started motoring. And we’re looking for speakers to share some particular project or approach they’ve completed using Snowplow – so get in touch!

Update: London date, location and sponsor announced!

The inaugural Snowplow London meetup will take place on February 4th at the Simply Business office in Finsbury Square. Huge thanks to the Stewart and the rest of the Simply Business team for sponsoring the event (including providing pizzas and beers)! Don’t forget to sign up here.

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