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Snowplow meetup set for Amsterdam, May 13th

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Hot on the heels of the Snowplow meetups in London and Sydney in earlier this year, we are delighted to announce the first Snowplow meetup in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


One of my favorite things about working at Snowplow is that we have some very data-sophisticated users around the world, and I learn an enormous amount from them every day. The meetup groups are a great place for users to come, share what they’re doing with data with one another, and challenge, brainstorm and co-develop new approaches together. That also makes them great events for anyone interested learning more about Snowplow, or in advanced digital analytics in general.

I am thrilled that we have some incredibly interesting speakers pencilled in to talk at the event. Niels Reijmer and Andrei Scorus will be talking about the analtyics stack (including Snowplow) at de Bijenkorf. Ruben Mak is a data scientist at Blue Mango, who has built a wealth of intelligence on top of Snowplow implementations at a number of Blue Mango’s clients. Ruben is has suggested a number of interesting topics to explore – I think they’re all interesting, so Ruben suggested putting it to the vote:

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Get voting for your prefered topic!

We have also been very fortunate to have the kind folks at Travelbird host the meetup. Many thanks!

More details will follow as they are finalized. In the meantime, please sign up here!

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