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Snowplow Meetup Amsterdam #3 was all about personalisation across the customer journey

We were delighted to be running our third Snowplow Meetup in Amsterdam on April 5th and lucky to have speakers from de Bijenkorf and Greenhouse Group alongside our co-founder Alex Dean. Such a compelling ensemble of speakers resulted in a great turnout and lots of interesting questions from the audience.

It was great to connect with the Amsterdam community of analytics practitioners, digital agencies and data scientists. It’s always exciting to connect with our community and meet with new users like Schiphol Airport.

Thanks to our speakers, everybody attending and ImpactHub for hosting the event!

De Bijenkorf on creating the ultimate personalized omnichannel shopping experience

Niels Reijmer (Data Analyst) and Tim Nooren (Data Engineer) at de Bijenkorf talked about how they used Snowplow Analytics with their online and offline data to get a centralised customer view and how they used this in personalising their newsletter, online marketing and their website. De Bijenkorf is a high-end department store focused on fashion with physical stores and an e-commerce website.

They touched on how they set up the full near-real time processing stack of Snowplow Analytics in AWS. Niels then spoke about how they use Snowplow to combine store information and other data to:

  • Identify users and track their behaviour
  • Define user segments based on user behaviour
  • Create a predictive model and run more effective marketing campaigns based on user behaviour and segmentation
  • Analyse and optimise conversion rates based on user preferences and interest in promotions

Here are their slides:

Snowplow: empowering smart people to differentiate with data

Our cofounder Alex Dean gave an introduction to Snowplow and then talked about our roadmap for 2017. Alex touched on several topics including support more cloud providers, support additional storage targets, tailoring Snowplow to your industry, more intelligent event sources, moving our batch pipeline to Spark, mega-scale Snowplow and real-time support for Sauna, our decisioning and response system.

Here is the video of his presentation:

And his slides:

Greenhouse Group and optimising your campaign across the whole customer journey

Ruben Mak, Team Lead Data Science at Greenhouse Group, showed a live demo of a light-weight recommendation algorithm for banner ads, built using Snowplow, which measures viewable time and optimizes dynamic content. The demo is aimed at challenging people to think in a different way about retargeting and making offers more personally relevant.

He also mentioned Eneco, one of the Netherlands’ largest energy providers, as an example of how they optimise their marketing communications across the customer journey.

You can see the video of his presentation here:

And his slides:

Browse our YouTube channel to see the videos of other Meetup presentations too.

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