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Snowplow is now Available on Databricks Partner Connect

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Effective customer data strategies start with high-quality behavioral data. We are excited to announce that Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) is now available on Databricks Partner Connect! This integration makes it easier than ever for joint customers to leverage the power of Snowplow’s best-in-class behavioral data pipeline paired with Databricks’ industry leading data and AI platform.

Snowplow’s BDP Cloud provides a fully managed analytics pipeline on AWS that collects, validates, enriches, and loads behavioral data into customers’ data warehouses and lakes. Our real-time pipeline is purpose-built for behavioral data and handles event data at massive scale from web, mobile, IoT, and more. With BDP, customers can focus on leveraging their behavioral data for business value rather than building and maintaining complex data infrastructure.

With Snowplow available on Databricks Partner Connect, joint customers can now easily access their Snowplow behavioral data directly within Databricks. This unlocks powerful new use cases like combining behavioral data with other data sources to power machine learning and AI applications on Databricks.

Collect Granular Behavioral Data Across All Touchpoints

With Snowplow, you can collect and centralize behavioral data from all customer touchpoints including web, mobile, streaming, IoT devices, and more. The data is captured at an extremely granular level, preserving the full richness of customer interactions and making it easier for businesses to build a complete view of their customers.

Enrich Data for Downstream Analytics

Snowplow enriches your raw behavioral events with additional context like IP lookups, weather data, and marketing campaign information. This enables you to connect events to individual identities and gain a multidimensional understanding of behavior.

Load Clean Data into Databricks for ML and Analytics

After validation and enrichment, Snowplow loads the behavioral data into storage targets of your choice like Databricks Delta Lake. This gives data teams a clean foundation for analytics, machine learning, and AI use cases to drive customer growth.

Uncover Hidden Insights with Databricks Notebooks

With Snowplow behavioral data in Databricks, data scientists can easily build compelling use cases like churn prediction, next best offer, customer segmentation, attribution modeling, and more using notebooks, SQL, and machine learning on an optimized analytics platform.

The Future Is AI-Ready Customer 360

Propensity scoring is just the starter use case. By combining Snowplow behavioral data with Databricks’ analytics capabilities, you have an AI-ready Customer 360 foundation to continuously improve customer experiences and outcomes over time.

Get started today by connecting Snowplow to Databricks via Databricks Partner Connect for powerful first-party behavioral data pipelines. Let us know how we can help accelerate your customer analytics journey!

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