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Snowplow away week in Berlin

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Some of the Snowplow team works remotely, so last November the team went on an away week in Berlin to rekindle the team spirit on occasion of our third Snowplow Meetup in Berlin.

Team members travelled from far and wide from four countries – Russia, Canada, France and the United Kingdom, – to convene in Berlin.

Here is some of the things the team did on their away week…

It started with a session about the future of Snowplow and how best to communicate our offering.

One of the highlights of the week was running our third Snowplow Meetup in Berlin with talks from JustWatch, Incuda and our co-founders. Here you can find out more about it and watch the presentations.

The Meetup was also a chance for us to meet some of our users, such as Contentful, GoEuro, as well as JustWatch and Incuda of course.

The team then focused their mind on a company hackathon, which turned out to be a creative and productive session. We made progress with the product roadmap, especially in relation to tracking real-time gaming activity.

Snowplow team

One of the highpoints of the hackathon was putting together the first beta release of Apache Kafka support. We were lucky enough to capture the exact moment Josh Beemster and Alex Dean got the whole thing running for the first time.

Josh & Alex

You can read more about this release here.

Finally, the team was unleashed on a well-deserved night out. One of the most memorable events was taking part in a Traby race and that was only the beginning of an eventful evening…

Traby race

If you have any suggestions for our next away week, get in touch!

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