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Snowplow appoints Christopher Lynch as Chairman

Industry Luminary with Proven Track Record Joins as Chairman to Accelerate AI-Ready Data Creation and Broad Adoption of Behavioral Data Analytics

Boston – April 5, 2022 – Snowplow, the industry leader in data creation and behavioral data, today announced the appointment of Christopher Lynch as chairman. Lynch has a proven track record of innovation and market disruption, having previously catalyzed markets around a wide variety of technologies, including web switching, virtualization, security, and most recently Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

A serial entrepreneur and technology executive, throughout his career Lynch, has raised more than $150M in capital and returned in excess of $7B to investors and shareholders. He co-founded and was a general partner at Accomplice, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage tech companies. Lynch currently serves as the founding investor and chairman of DataRobot, one of the most widely deployed and proven AI platforms in the world. He is also the executive chairman and CEO of AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer software for modern BI and data science teams. 

“After meeting Snowplow’s co-founders, and understanding how the company enables organizations to create and consume first-party customer behavioral data, I knew I had to get involved,” said Lynch. “The company’s data creation, enrichment, and schema technology are truly unique, unlocking and simplifying some of the most complicated pain points that data-driven decision platforms face in today’s AI/ML-first world – AI Ready Data! Snowplow is already used by tens of thousands of open-source customers across the globe, so it’s clear the company has a bright future.”

Snowplow’s open-source behavioral data engine and Behavioral Data Platform enable any organization to create and capitalize on AI-ready and behavioral data securely, and at scale, to power innovative use cases. 

Traditionally only accessible to AI giants with huge budgets, its technologies have democratized organizations’ ability to deeply understand how customers interact with their products, services, and experiences. Companies can now create and consume data about customer and system behavior in astonishing detail, using it to power an array of commercial use cases, from marketing attribution to product analytics, to fraud detection.

“Chris is an extraordinary industry leader and mentor, and we are incredibly excited that he is joining us on our journey,” added Alex Dean, CEO and co-founder of Snowplow. “He recognized the market-defining potential of Snowplow from the very beginning, and will support our growth and expansion in the U.S. and beyond.”

About Snowplow

Snowplow generates, governs and models high-quality, granular Behavioral Data, ready for use in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics applications. When integrated with other tools from the modern data stack, Snowplow can power a wide variety of advanced use cases, allowing organizations to drive significant business value with behavioral data. Killer apps built on top of Snowplow include the composable CDP, first-party digital analytics and ML-powered churn reduction for subscription businesses. For more information on Snowplow, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, or visit us on GitHub.

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