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Snowplow appoints Chris Lubasch as Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Key leadership role also sees Lubasch appointed Regional Vice President for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (RVP DACH)

Boston and London – October 11, 2022 – Snowplow, the industry leader in data creation and behavioral data, today announced the appointment of Chris Lubasch as Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Regional Vice President for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region). This strategic leadership role signals Snowplow’s growth and expansion globally.

In this international role, Lubasch will work as part of Snowplow’s senior leadership team to help customers better understand and derive business value from the cutting-edge practice of ‘data creation’ – the process of deliberately creating data to power artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced data applications. He is also responsible for the DACH region, which leads the world in terms of data privacy.

Lubasch is a leader in data analytics and AI, having spent the last ten years in highly-specialised agencies. He co-founded the data consulting firm LEROI, which he managed until it was acquired by the global digital agency DEPT. There, he continued his focus on data analytics and AI as partner and Global Lead of Data Practice. Prior to that, Lubasch was Groupon’s EMEA Director, Data & Analytics.

Commenting on his new role with Snowplow, Lubasch said: “I’m very excited to join the industry leader in data creation and working to grow Snowplow to the next level. A key area of focus for me will be helping organizations address the challenge of turning their data into tangible business value.”

Snowplow was built from the ground up to enable organizations to create data for AI and advanced analytics. Rather than spending inordinate amounts of time cleansing, preparing, and wrangling data exhaust – the by-product data from existing applications – Snowplow is pioneering the ability for any organization to deliberately design and deliver an AI-ready data asset that harnesses the predictive power of behavioral data.

Companies can now create and consume data about customer and system behaviors at a granular level, using it to power an array of commercial use cases, from marketing attribution to product analytics, to fraud detection.

Alex Dean, CEO and Co-Founder of Snowplow, commented, “Chris is a true expert in digital business, data analytics and AI, with over 20 years working in high-growth environments. He joins Snowplow at an exciting time for the company and we’re delighted to have him onboard to lead the DACH region and to further our global growth.”

About Snowplow

Snowplow generates, governs and models high-quality, granular Behavioural Data, ready for use in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics applications. When integrated with other tools from the modern data stack, Snowplow can power a wide variety of advanced use cases, allowing organizations to drive significant business value with behavioural data. Killer apps built on top of Snowplow include the composable CDP, first-party digital analytics and ML-powered churn reduction for subscription businesses. For more information on Snowplow, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, or visit us on GitHub.

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