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Snowplow and Looker announce formal partnership – the most powerful, flexible, web analytics solution in the world

Over the last few months we’ve been using Looker more and more, as we’ve come to appreciate quite how powerfully Looker compliments our own event analytics platform. In that time, we’ve got to know the team at Looker and are in the process of working with them and some of our clients to implement the combined Looker / Snowplow stack. The whole team is very excited about the results so far and are watching eagerly as our clients evolve those solutions.

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Looker + Snowplow is an incredibly powerful web analytics stack. It is the only solution on the market today that enables you to:

  1. Collect and store granular, event-level data in a structured data warehouse
  2. Join your entire web event data set with all your other data sets, in your own datawarehouse
  3. Define as many business-specific dimensions and metrics as you want
  4. Slice and dice any combination of those dimensions and metrics against one another
  5. Explore and query your entire event data set without knowledge of SQL

We’ve seen the combined stack particularly well-suited to a range of more sophisticated analytics, particularly:

  1. Identity stitching: developing sophisticated approaches for matching multiple cookie and user IDs into a single customer view
  2. Attribution modelling: comparing propensities to convert between different groups of users based on the marketing channels they’ve engaged with, the sequence in which those engagements have taken place and the time periods in which those engagements have taken place
  3. Behavioral segmentation: segmenting audience based on their on-site behavior

This has led us to wonder how we can work closer with the folks at Looker to enable our users to do more with their data. Today is an important step in that journey. Our partnership with Looker means that:

  • We can offer users on Snowplow trials the opportunity to try out Looker as part of their trials
  • We are now working with the team at Looker to incorporate the latest Looker functionality in the standard Snowplow LookML models
  • We will build out a set of visualizations of Snowplow data on top of Looker and make those available to users of the Snowplow / Looker stack

The last few months have been exciting identifying the breadth of opportunities available working with the team at Looker. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the next few months. And I’m especially excited to see what our clients do with their Snowplow + Looker stacks.

You can see the full press release on the Looker website. Details on the Snowplow + Looker stack can be downloaded from the Looker website here.

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