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Snowplow 0.6.4 released, with Infobright improvements

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We’re happy to announce our next Snowplow release – version 0.6.4. This release includes updates:

  1. An upgraded Infobright table definition which scales to millions of pageviews easily
  2. Clarified Hive table definitions

Before we start – a big thanks to the community members who helped out on this release:

We’ll take a look at both updates below:

Upgraded Infobright table definition

With help from Gilles Moncaubeig we have upgraded the Infobright table definition so that it can easily scale to loading millions of new Snowplow events per day. It also supports much longer br_lang and page_url fields, which should prevent you from occasional load errors.

If you are using Infobright Community Edition for analysis, you will need to update your table definition. This is a little complex, because Infobright does not support in-place table or column renames. To make this easier for you, we have created a script:


Running this script will create a new table, events_004 (version 0.0.4 of the table definition) in your snowplow database, copying across all your data from your existing events table, which will not be modified in any way.

Once you have run this, don’t forget to update your StorageLoader’s config.yml to load into the new events_004 table, not your old events table:

:storage: :type: infobright :database: snowplow :table: events_004 # NOT "events_003" any more 


Clarified Hive table definitions

We have clarified the two different Hive table definitions, available in this folder:


Which format your Snowplow event files are in will depend on how your EmrEtlRunner is configured. If your config.yml contains:

:storage_format: non-hive 

then your Snowplow events will be stored in the format shown in non-hive-format-table-def.q.

Whereas if your config.yml contains:

:storage_format: non-hive 

then your Snowplow events will be stored in the format shown in hive-format-table-def.q.

Getting help

That’s it! If you have any problems with Snowplow version 0.6.4, please raise an issue or get in touch with us via the usual channels.

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