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Snowplow 0.4.8 released

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We have just released Snowplow version 0.4.8, with a set of enhancements to the existing Hive deserializer:

  1. The Hive deserializer now supports Amazon’s new CloudFront log file format (launched 12 September 2012) as well as the older format
  2. The Hive deserializer now supports a tracking pixel called simply i (saving some characters versus ice.png) (issue #35)
  3. The Hive deserializer now works if the CloudFront distribution has Forward Query String = yes (issue #39)
  4. The Hive deserializer no longer dies if the calling page’s querystring is malformed

Many thanks to community member Michael Tibben from 99designs in Melbourne for contributing the Forward Query String = yes fix!

New CloudFront log file format

On 12th September 2012, Amazon rolled out a new CloudFront log file format, adding three additional fields onto the end of each line:

  • cs(Cookie), the cookie header in the request (if any). Logging of this field is optional.
  • x-edge-result-type, the result type of each HTTP(s) request (for example, cache hit/miss/error).
  • x-edge-request-id, an encrypted string that uniquely identifies a request to help AWS troubleshoot/debug any issues.

As always, please consult the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide for more information on these fields.

As part of this new 0.4.8 Snowplow release, the Hive deserializer now supports the new CloudFront format as well as the old format: if you deploy the latest version of the deserializer, you should be able to process both old-format and new-format CloudFront logs without issue.

Support for i as the tracking pixel

Currently the Snowplow JavaScript tracker fires a GET request to a tracking pixel called ice.png. This works fine, but it makes more sense to call the pixel i, for two reasons:

  1. We free up 5 extra characters to use for sending data
  2. A transparent GIF is smaller to send than a transparent PNG

Thanks to Simon Rumble (author of SnowCannon) for pointing this out! In due course we will update the JavaScript tracker and CloudFront collector to implement this change (see issues #29 and #25), but to start off we have added support for i to the new version of the Hive deserializer.

This is a small change, but highlights a wider point for Snowplow development: in general, whenever we have a “breaking change” coming upstream, we will try to prepare for this change downstream first, to prevent any disruption to your use of Snowplow.

Support for Forward Query String = yes

Thanks to Michael Tibben from 99designs for spotting that the Hive deserializer does not work if your CloudFront distribution has Forward Query String set to Yes; Michael not only raised the issue but also provided a fix, many thanks Michael!

Most Snowplow users will have Forward Query String in their CloudFront distribution set to No, so this issue will not arise for them; however this fix will be invaluable for anyone who does have it set to Yes. If you want to read more about this, please check out issue #39.

We’re aware that our guide for setting up the CloudFront distribution is a bit out of date (which is how this issue can arise) – we will be refreshing the tracking pixel guide soon (issue #25)! Many thanks for your patience.

More robust querystring handling

A small change – we have made the code for extracting marketing attribution more robust. Specifically, the Hive deserializer no longer dies (i.e. throws a non-recoverable SerDeException) if the calling page’s URL has a malformed querystring.

An example of a malformed querystring would be something like:


Note the two ? questionmarks (the second one should be an & ampersand). In the case of a malformed querystring like this, the five marketing attribution fields in the Hive output format for this row will all be set to null.

Deploying the new version

The new version of the Hive deserializer is available from the GitHub repository’s Downloads section as snowplow-log-deserializers-0.4.8.jar. If you have any problems running it, please raise an issue!

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