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Snowplow 0.4.6 released

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Over the weekend we released Snowplow version 0.4.6. This was a minor release that added a new capability into the Snowplow JavaScript tracker.

Specifically, with the JavaScript you can now specify your own collector URL, rather than simply pass in an account ID which resolves to a CloudFront bucket.

You can use this feature in your JavaScript invocation code like so:

<!-- Snowplow starts plowing --> <script type="text/javascript"> var _snaq = _snaq || <span class="p">[]; _snaq.push(['setCollectorUrl', 'collector.mydomain.com'<span class="p">]); _snaq.push(['trackPageView'<span class="p">]); (function() { ...

Where collector.mydomain.com is the URL to your own collector.

We added this capability to Snowplow in support of Simon Rumble’s excellent SnowCannon prototype node.js collector for Snowplow. Going forwards you can of course use this custom URL to send your Snowplow events to any kind of collector on a domain you control.

Anyway I hope you like the feature and let us know how you get on with it!

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