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Roundup of Snowplow Meetup Berlin Number 3

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The third Snowplow Meetup Berlin took place on November the 16th at Betahaus. The turnout was great with about 100 people attending. We have filmed the talks, which you can watch in the links below, along with the presentation slides. Below is a list and a description of the talks.

Why JustWatch adopted Snowplow and what they learned along the way

Dominik Raute and Christoph Hoyer, respectively CTO and CMO at JustWatch, talked about how the raw data capabilities of the Snowplow platform enabled the audience segmentation infrastructure that powers JustWatch’s data-driven video advertising business. They shared a step-by-step account of how they adopted Snowplow, the learnings and best practices they picked up along the way.

You can watch the video of the presentation below:

Or look at the slides directly:

How Incuda builds user journey models with Snowplow

Franz Posch, co-founder at Incuda, explained how they use Snowplow data to build an integrated, journey-based view of user interactions to drive customer and product analytics. Franz described their approach to user-journey modeling, which involves multi-channel and multi-device interaction and can be used for predictive analytics and attribution, amongst other things.

See links to talk video below:

These are his slides:

Turning insights into action with Sauna

Alex Dean, our co-founder, talked about Sauna, our exciting new open-source product designed to make it easy for business analysts to turn insights they derive from their event streams into actions. If Snowplow makes it easier for data analysts to build intelligence on their data, Sauna makes it easy for them to action that intelligence, by feeding it back into the different channels that are used to manage customer engagement.

See links to talk video below:

And his slides here:

For more information about Sauna, see a blog post about it here.

How Snowplow users evolve their analytics stacks with their business

Yali Sasson, our co-founder, gave a presentation about the importance of evolving your analytics stack as your business evolves and how the Snowplow platform allows you to do that. He also touched on how event data vary by company and sector and how, as a Snowplow user, you can define your events and entities. Finally, he spoke about event data modeling and how to handle the evolution of your data pipeline.

See links to talk video below.

And the slides here:

Thank you

A massive thank you to Dominik Raute, Christoph Hoyer and Franz Posch for their talks, everyone who participated and Betahaus for hosting the event.

The next Snowplow Meetup is in London on February the 8th. You can sign up for it here.

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