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3rd Snowplow Meetup Berlin in less than two weeks!

On the 16th of November 19:00 we are having another exciting Berlin meetup @ Betahaus. You’ll get a chance to hear all about Sauna, our new open-source product and listen to what our clients are building in the audience segmentation space with Snowplow data. Now for the cherry on top, the whole Snowplow team will be there.

Picture of Berlin

We have linedup some fantastic speakers:

  1. Dominik Raute and Christoph Hoyer from JustWatch will talk about how the raw data capabilities of Snowplow enabled the audience segmentation infrastructure that power the JustWatch campaign business – and how the approach of universal data capture, together with an audience-centric way of interfacing with their users created a whole new paradigm to their growth and business intelligence teams. They’ll dive into the technical details of why and how we built the JustWatch Audience Builder with components both on top of and on the side of Snowplow, share our learnings with the framework and talk about best practices we picked up on the way.

  2. Alex Dean, our co-founder will be talking about Sauna our exciting new open-source product designed to make it easy for business analysts to turn insights they derive from their event streams into actions. If Snowplow makes it easier for data analysts to build intelligence on their data, Sauna is here to make it easy for them to action that intelligence, by feeding it back into the different channels that are used to manage customer engagement.

  3. Franz Posch, co-founder at Incuda, will explain how they use Snowplow data to build an integrated, journey-based view of user interaction to drive both marketing / customer analytics and product analytics. Franz will describe their approach to user-journey modeling, which takes into account multi-channel and multi-device interaction and can be used for predictive analytics and attribution, amongst other things.

It going to be super interesting, sign up today!

About the companies presenting:


For consumers, JustWatch is a streaming search engine that helps to find out where to watch movies and TV shows legally online and in theaters. It can search movie content across all major streaming providers like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and many others in 21 countries.

For clients like movie studios or Video on Demand providers, JustWatch is an international movie marketing company that collects anonymized data about purchase behavior and movie taste of fans worldwide from their consumer apps. They help studios to advertise their content to the right audience and make digital video advertising a lot more efficient in minimizing waste coverage.


Incuda was founded to give growing and established e-commerce und multi-channel retailer an easy entry into the world of data.

incuda BI is our Data Warehouse und Business Intelligence platform. It is based on the years of experience which the founders collected in the areas of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, retail und e-commerce.

Their approach of an industry specific, best practice-based platform with flexible customization options offers their customers a quick and cost effective way to use their data to be more successful.

Their claim “DATA-DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS” stands for the use of internal and external data sources, data driven decision processes, and for precision mananbgement of processes and product offering.

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