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Key talks and discussions at eTail West – The eCommerce and Omnichannel Retail Conference

Established in 1999, eTail West is an annual conference based in Palm Springs, California, which brings together leaders from the world of retail and e-commerce. 

This year, the event will take place from February 28th to March 2nd, and will focus on the digital-transformation of e-commerce businesses in a post-Covid era.

As a key enabler to the retail industry, Snowplow will be in attendance.

Alex Dean, our CEO and co-founder, will be there to give the Chairperson’s Opening Remarks for Track B: Customer Acquisition, Attribution And Engagement on the 1st March 2022, before opening the floor to a whole host of interesting talks

  • 1st Mar, 2022 @ 2:20 pm Chairperson’s Opening Remarks | Alex Dean, Co-Founder & CEO, Snowplow

For those of you going, we’ve compiled a short list of the presentations relating to data and tech, according to theme. 

If you’re attending the event, please do come and chat to any of the Snowplowers there – we’ll be at Expo Booth 819, ready to talk all things e-commerce and behavioral data.

Connected Commerce

Retail today encompasses multiple channels, domains, and platforms. The theme of ‘Connected Commerce’ focuses on how to join them to provide consumers with a seamless customer experience.

1st Mar 2022 – Charting Your Post Pandemic Growth Path:

  • 8:50 am Keynote Chat: Lesson Learned From Our Pivot To Connect Commerce | Theresa Palermo, SVP, Marketing & Connected Commerce, Signet Jewelers

“Theresa will discuss Signet Jewelers’ transition to a digital-first organization and the importance of putting the human element into its digital ecosystem.”

2nd Mar 2022 – Digital Strategies for the Next Normal:

  • 8:25 am Keynote: Connected Commerce: Combining Humanity and Technology to Create Retail’s Future | Kevin Moffitt, Chief Retail Officer, Office Depot

“Kevin will walk through how Office Depot is making their stores smarter, applying User Centered Design to envision and execute a holistic experience, leveraging data driven Decision-Making to develop new KPIs and scorecards to enable and celebrate success, and expanding internal mobile technologies to empower store associates.”


While many people think of AI and ML as something of the future, it is very much taking place today. Being able to understand the benefits they can have on your retail business will ensure that you’re not being left behind and can use them as a competitive advantage.

1st Mar 2022 – Charting Your Post Pandemic Growth Path:

  • 2:30 pm Case Study: Managing AI and Automation Platforms in Retail | Jacob Bradbury, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics, Lululemon

2nd Mar 2022 – Digital Strategies for the Next Normal:

  • 11:45 am Keynote: End of the Fake AI Search Era: The Impact of Real AI Search at a >$1B GMV Marketplace | Hamish Ogilvy, CEO, Sajari
  • 3:35 pm Case Study: Combining Human Touch + Machine Learning to Grow eCommerce Sales | Executive, Adlucent


The term ‘omnichannel’ refers to a retail system in which all sales points communicate with each other in order to provide customers with a consistent experience across platforms.

28th Feb 2022 – Mapping the New Customer Journey Summit:

  • 9:25 am Co-Presentation: The Future of Retail Rests in Omnichannel: Understanding the New Relationship Between Online and Offline | Eric Hutchinson, Co-Founder, Resident & Ran Reske, Founder, Resident

“Hear how Eric and Ran fine-tuned their omnichannel experience by creating more seamless online to offline transitions for their customers.”

  • 1:25 pm Panel Discussion: The Importance Of Becoming A Truly Omnichannel Brand | Ricky Joshi, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Saatva & Roderick Morris, Co-Founder & President, Executive, Ometria, Lovevery
  • 10:10 am Panel Discussion: Acquisition Strategies To Win Today’s Customer | Mark Bietz, CMO,  Fun.com & Patrick Hodgdon, Director of Marketing, Slumberland & David Chinn, President & CRO, USA, Lexer & Rita Zahir, VP, Growth, Awe Inspired & Julie Evans, CMO, Omaha Steaks

“In this panel, hear what new acquisition methodologies are working best from Slumberland, Fun.Com and Awe Inspired around how they are evaluating the right distribution channels and best Omni channel strategy.” 

This talk also covers Apple’s IOS14 privacy update, 3rd-party cookies, and personalization so keep that in mind if you’re interested in those topics. 

1st Mar 2022 – Charting Your Post Pandemic Growth Path:

  • 4:50 pm Case Study: Acquisition Strategies for Today’s Omnichannel Customer | Speaker to be named, Validity
  • 4:50 pm Panel Discussion: Becoming a Data Driven Organization To Achieve your Omnichannel Goals | Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift & Jordan Cohen, Director, eCommerce Systems, Snipes & Dan Weinsoft, Chief Revenue Officer, Goodr
  • 2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned During 2020’s Rapid Omnichannel Evolution | Speaker to be named, InfoBip
  • 3:15 pm Panel Remix: Your Stores As A Service: Redefining The Purpose Of Physical Retail In Today’s Digital First World | Nicole Summer, Sr. Manager of Integrated, Marketing, Backcountry & Meredith Wolman, Manager, Omnichannel Retail Marketing, Mattel & Jenna Posner, VP, Digital, Snipes & Gregg Dorazio, eCommerce Lead, Giant Food

Cookieless world

With more and more laws coming out about how to securely, compliantly and transparently use data, third-party data is slowly becoming obsolete. It’s all about first-party data now and third-party cookies will soon be a thing of the past. By attending these talks you can understand how to ensure your retail company is up to date.

1st Mar 2022 – Charting Your Post Pandemic Growth Path:

  • 10:10 am Keynote: Flipping The Funnel In A Cookieless World | Kady Srinivasan, SVP, Head of Global Marketing, Klaviyo
  • 2:55 pm Case Study: Unlocking the power of first-party data to scale 1-1 experiences | Molly Bruttomesso, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Wunderkind
  • 3:15 pm Panel Discussion: Prepping For The Death of the 3rd Party Cookie: What’s Next For Advertising? | Udayan Bose, FOunder & CEO, NetElixir


Personalization is key for e-commerce companies looking to improve their online experience. Understanding your customers and being able to personalize content, searches, and even prices, is the way to ensure your customers stay with you in the long-term.

28th Feb 2022 – Email & Customer Retention Strategies:

  • 8:00 am Keynote Fireside Chat: Effective Personalization As The Key To Post Pandemic Loyalty | Matthew Schiff, VP of eCommerce, Marc Jacobs
  • 2:00 pm Keynote Panel Remix: Perfecting Email Personalization | Isaac Hyman, Senior Strategist, Email & CRM Marketing, B&H Photo Video & Matthew Seifert,  Senior Director, Retention & Monetization, Pretty Litter & Stephanie Mello, Director of Lifecycle & Retention, Everly Health & Guy Hanson, Vice President, Customer Engagement, Validity

28th Feb 2022 – Mapping the New Customer Journey Summit:

  • 2:15 pm Case Study: Personalized Product Merchandising That Get To Convert | Therese Hayes, Chief Sustainability and Business Development Officer, House of LR&C

“Hear the latest strategies for personalizing merchandising and hear one retailer’s thoughts around:

1. Examining user behavior and click patterns to build a great digital merchandising strategy

2. Capturing and responding to customer preferences during the shopper journey to showcase product preferences

3. Deploying real time capabilities to learn and respond to user preferences, ensuring the best merchandise and information is presented first

4. Conducting testing to ensure high shopper engagement and increased conversion rates.”

  • 3:15 pm Panel Discussion: Using Customer Data to Create Deeply Customized Experiences Across Channels | Mallory Leblanc, Senior Director of Customer Strategies, Neiman Marcus & Stephen McDonagh, Senior Director, Digital & Growth Marketing, 1-800-Flowers.com & Andy Knosp, Head of Solutions Consulting, Gladly & Derrick Dinglasan, Founder, OPTE

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