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Introducing BDP Cloud: A faster way to get started with first-party customer data

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Today we are officially rolling out BDP Cloud for general availability following a successful preview in November 2022. The easiest and fastest way to get started with Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) and create customer data for your business.

What is BDP Cloud?

BDP Cloud gives you access to Snowplow’s leading Behavioral Data Platform with the technology hosted and managed by Snowplow. In less than an hour, you can deploy and deliver the same rich customer data to your warehouse or lake for your BI and AI data projects.

BDP Cloud is not only a new deployment option, it also offers monthly billing that supports credit card payments allowing you to have fully self-serve experience.

Why did we build BDP Cloud?

Since inception, Snowplow’s mission continues to be to empower as many organizations as possible to to create rich, granular first-party customer data.

To date, more than 1.9 million websites, apps, and IoT devices use Snowplow technology and Behavioral Data Platform (BDP), leveraging our private Saas deployment offered as part of BDP Enterprise and our open source project.

Our private Saas deployment allows you to retain the data in your own cloud infrastructure. While BDP Enterprise’s Private SaaS deployment offers unprecedented control over the infrastructure that processes your customer data, BDP Cloud offers ease of use and faster setup with a traditional SaaS deployment model.

We also recognized that data teams wanted immediate access to start delivering impact for their business or experiment with different Snowplow use cases alongside their existing analytics stack to help their business acquire customers faster (ROAS), more efficiently (CAC), and with increased LTV. 

The release of BDP Cloud solves this challenge: you can deploy AI and BI-ready behavioral data to your warehouse or lake in less than an hour to power your analytics and AI projects. Teams retain control over where their data is processed with the option to process data in the EU or the US.

“With BDP Cloud we hope to make that powerful technology accessible to many more data analysts, scientists, engineers, marketers, product managers and users across the business to create data to power data applications and analysis.”

Yali Sassoon | Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

During our private preview last year, data teams experimented with different Snowplow use cases, replacing Google Analytics with anonymous user tracking and algorithmic attribution modeling to deploy a composable CDP within the same day.

Combined with a number of new and existing features to help you get started, such as our out-of-the-box tracking, the new events and entities builder that guides you through the process of setting up your own custom tracking, and the growing library of use case guides known as Data Product Accelerators (DPAs), it’s easier than ever to create behavioral data with Snowplow.

What is the difference between BDP Cloud and BDP Enterprise?

Aside from the deployment model, BDP Cloud is designed to help customers get started using behavioral data. BDP Enterprise, on the other hand, is designed for teams that want market-leading ownership over behavioral data with complete end-to-end control over your technology, SLA’s and additional enterprise security features.

Whether you choose BDP Cloud or Enterprise, you get access to one of the leading platforms for customer data that has been recognized by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. In G2’s recent Spring 2023 report, Snowplow was recognized with a number of awards, including High Performer, Users Most Likely To Recommend, and Best Support Mid-Market in the Big Data Processing and Distribution category.

If you want to learn more about the difference between Cloud and Enterprise, please visit our pricing page.

How do I get started?

To join the 1.9 million websites and apps already using Snowplow and get started with a free 14-day trial that does not require a credit card. 

Start harnessing the power of customer data today.

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