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Industry leader Adam Greco joins Snowplow Analytics advisory board

We want to change the way that people do digital analytics. Snowplow Analytics was founded to enable companies to collect more, and better, digital data across all the different points where they engage with their users. We want them to own and control that data including what is collected, how it is structured and processed, and where it is warehoused. We want to do all of this, most importantly, to empower companies to use their data in the manner most suitable for their business, asking any questions of the data they come up with or plugging in any tools they need, so they can use that data in real-time to improve each customer’s journey.

This represents a very significant expansion in digital analytics well beyond how most companies use their data. A tall order for anyone, it’s a big mission for a 35-person company. As we’ve grown over the last six years, we’ve learned a lot about how we should carry out our mission and we continue to learn on our journey to reestablish what it means for a company to be data-driven.

Introducing Adam Greco

We’re very fortunate to have some very talented experts help us on that journey. Last November, we were delighted to welcome Adam Greco onto our advisory board. Adam Greco is a titan of the digital analytics industry. In 2005 when digital analytics was still young, Adam established himself as a key member of the industry as one of the early employees of Omniture, which is now Adobe Analytics, the digital analytics solution of choice for many of the world’s largest enterprises. Adam literally wrote the book on Adobe Analytics: in 2012, in partnership with Adobe, he published The Adobe SiteCatalyst Handbook: An Insider’s Guide, an indispensable reference for many analytics professionals.

Today, Adam spends most of his time at Analytics Demystified consulting for some of the biggest companies in the world, helping them leverage their digital analytics for maximum value. He is a leading authority on digital analytics, which is why in 2015, Adam was elected to the board of directors of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) where he now serves as Treasurer.

We are thrilled to have someone with the breadth and depth of his expertise join us.

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