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How Simply Business is using real-time data to better engage and serve its customers with Snowplow

“The Snowplow dataset has become part of our core strategic offering”, Stewart Duncan, director of Data Science, Simply Business

Simply Business are using the Snowplow platform to collect and join up key business data at a very granular, event level to better understand the customer journey and use that insight to better serve customers at different points in their journey.

Here is a summary of their story. You can ready the full story here.

About Simply Business

Simply Business is the UK’s leading insurance broker for small businesses, with over 400,000 businesses and landlords protected through them. They are proud of their award-winning claims service and especially of their customer feedback. Simply business is also recognized across the industry as a technology and data innovator and has won several awards, including the Business Intelligence Project of the Year at the Data, Analytics & Technology Awards for Insurance 2015. Click here to know more about Simply Business and here to read more about the awards they won.

Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science at Simply Business


Simply Business engages with its customers through a variety of channels and it was essential for them to build a single customer view, which was not possible prior to using Snowplow. Another important requirement was to process the data in real time to enhance the user experience on the website and better equip call center staff to assist customers.

Simply Business + Snowplow = state-of-the-art data capability

With Snowplow, Simply Business has been able to set up a state of the art data and analytics capability. This has enabled Simply Business to further develop its reputation as a data innovator and attain the following accomplishments using Snowplow data:

  • Do more than just web analytics and join up different data streams to create a unified view of the customers and the business.
  • Measure more accurately the influence each channel has on the conversion funnel and the Return On Advertising Spending.
  • Build a multi-channel attribution model to optimize the allocation of spend across their different marketing channels.
  • Empower the product team to easily identify and resolve on-site issues.
  • Build an A/B testing framework for website updates to enable systematic, data-driven improvements in the user experience.
  • Adapt the data pipeline as the business evolves.
  • Create a lead scoring model to prioritize which prospective customers and customers get outbound calls first and optimize the effectiveness of their call center teams.
  • Provide call center staff with real-time, detailed information about each user journey, so that they can provide the best possible customer service and maximise their sales effectiveness.
  • Personalizing the website experience using real-time behavioral data.
  • Build out data capability fast.

“Pretty much everyone at Simply Business uses Snowplow, especially the product development team. They use that continuously, every day, to analyze the user journey and question set. Even the core metrics we use for our management reporting at board level are aggregations from the Snowplow data”.

If you would like to know more about Simply Business’ story you can:

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