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Effortlessly empower SaaS tools with behavioral data, through Snowplow and Google Tag Manager server-side

An essential role of the modern data team is to equip users across the business with access to the right behavioral data in downstream destinations. Allowing users to discover and action data use cases in the SaaS tools they already use. 

Data teams require both control and flexibility to choose how behavioral data reaches downstream destinations. Whether it’s building a deep understanding of your customers in your data warehouse or lake and publishing to downstream tools via a Reverse ETL or through event forwarding. 

With the introduction of Snowplow’s support for Google Tag Manager server-side you can now effortlessly forward your behavioral data to downstream destinations whilst retaining full control and ownership of the transformation process. 

Get started with Snowplow’s out-of-the-box authored tags for Amplitude, Braze and Iterable or utilise Google Tag Manager’s rich library of vendor and community authored tags such as Facebook Conversions, Tiktok Ads and many more. 

Alternatively, take full control by leveraging our new HTTP Request Tag Template to forward your behavioral data to any JSON HTTP destination or evolve our authored tags to your exact specifications, configuring everything from payloads to event transformations such as removal of personal identifiable information. 

Take full control of your data transformations and event forwarding

With Google Tag Manager server-side running inside your own cloud account and granular configuration options, Snowplow offers you full ownership and visibility into every data transformation. Our configuration options include; 

  1. Server Side Tag Manager: Deployed pre-pipeline, this configuration allows you to forward raw unenriched events to downstream tools. Primarily designed for destinations that only need flags such as conversion flags for Google and Facebook. 
  1. Destination Hub: Configured post – Snowplow pipeline. This enables you to forward fully enriched and validated JSON events to your downstream destinations. Providing you downstream tools with the highest quality and richest behavioral data directly to where your users need it.

Ready to start forwarding events with GTM server-side? Simply request setup directly from your Snowplow BDP account or check out Snowplow Docs.

Want to know more about Google Tag Manager server-side? Why not rewatch our Office Hours event with Product Manager Michael Bracklo and Paul Boocock Head of Engineering (Data Engine). 

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