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Data Creation vs. Data Exhaust

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Discover common misconceptions about data collection in this presentation by Yali Sassoon (co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Snowplow) given at Web Analytics Wednesday in Copenhagen.

It’s likely you’ve been thinking about data collection in the wrong way. Many organizations believe that they only have access to exhaust data from third-party applications. This assumption negatively impacts data quality and is a barrier to effective AI implementations. And business performance suffers as a result.

To combat this, organizations should focus on data creation – the process of generating, enhancing and modeling first-party data for AI and ML use cases.

Watch Yali’s video presentation to learn how exhaust data can hinder your business and why data creation is key to improving business performance.

Web Analytics Wednesday is an international event for analysts and marketers with talks from international and local speakers. IIH Nordic has facilitated the Danish WAW by arranging recurrent events in Copenhagen and periodic events in Århus and abroad.

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