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Create a deep understanding of your customers with Snowplow and Snowflake

Since its inception in 2005, Google Analytics has long been the industry standard for digital analytics. Google Analytics brought self-serve digital analytics to the masses equipping businesses with the ability to begin understanding their customer journey and site performance. We work closely with Google Analytics customers and love how Google Analytics integrates with Snowplow.

But as businesses have evolved their data stack to orbit around the cloud data, many businesses have recognized the need to extend beyond packaged analytics to create a central source of truth to understand their unique customer behaviour and power broader data use cases. 

Data teams who are reliant on packaged analytics as their central source of truth are constantly challenged by the changing privacy and regulatory environments, data richness and accessibility to their data. For the modern data team to be successful they need the UI and access to granular, rich behavioral data to understand customer behaviour and power wider BI, and AI use cases. 

But how can brands tackle these challenges and instead take a Data Cloud and data first led approach?

Create a Data Cloud first, digital analytics solution with Snowplow & Snowflake

Our ongoing partnership with Snowflake looks to provide an alternative to packaged analytics, placing the Data Cloud at the heart of your analytics efforts. Snowplow’s Behavioral Data platform has helped companies create best-in-class behavioral data, deployed directly in their Snowflake account for over five years. Our partnership provides complete control and ownership over your behavioral data and where it is processed. 

The combination of Snowplow’s ability to generate, enhance and model best-in-class behavioral data with Snowflake’s data cloud capabilities means businesses, their data science teams, and analytics power users have a platform on which to develop a deep understanding of their users.

Visualising digital analytics is just the start. Businesses can build customer centric apps directly on top of their Data Cloud , providing a platform to execute additional use cases from marketing attribution, create highly accurate propensity models or other customer centric ML-apps or or action data from your single source of truth. 

With Snowplow and Snowflake, data teams can spend their time driving value from their data rather than overcoming the challenges faced using Google Analytics and other package solutions.  

Our ongoing partnership has recently led to Snowflake awarding Premier technology partner status to Snowplow, with our combined technologies powering leading data brands including; Strava, DPG Media and Secret Escapes.

We’re going all in with Snowplow because it allows us to have real-time data… with the entire pipeline from Snowplow to Snowflake, it is usually minutes and not more than that.”
Wannes Rosier, Data and News Personalization Manager at DPG Media

Learn more about Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform and Snowflake.

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