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Celebrating International Project Management Day

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November 2 is International Project Management Day, a day to recognize the importance of project management in all industries and to celebrate the people who lead projects of various complexities and sizes around the globe.

At Snowplow, we work with customers from nearly every industry and corner of the world, including Digital Virgo, Strava, AutoTrader, and Flickr, to name a few, we are constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of project management.

This is especially important in the world of digital analytics, where skilled project management is essential to the successful delivery of data-driven insights that are in turn used by data & marketing teams to drive business decisions.

How we project manage at Snowplow

Since launching in 2012 Snowplow’s experienced project management team has worked with companies and teams of all sizes to ensure that the implementation of Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) is smooth, efficient and effortless. With clearly defined goals established at the outset, we ensure that our clients’ project management style and internal capabilities are aligned with our shared vision.

Our goal is to ensure that delivery and implementation never become bottlenecks when it comes to our clients realizing the value of the customer insights they can gather with solutions like Snowplow’s cloud-first alternative to Google Analytics.

Delivering a best-class digital analytics platform requires careful planning and execution. Our project managers have multiple years of experience implementing complex initiatives from start to finish, working closely with a variety of challenges and diverse team setups across partner and client organizations.

Using proven project management techniques, we enable teams to effectively plan, prioritize, allocate resources, and track progress effectively. We proactively identify and mitigate risks associated with data quality, software issues, and changes in project scope to keep projects on time and on budget. 

“Compared to other similar suppliers, you don’t often get that much hands-on help as we did with Snowplow. Any time I had an issue, there were multiple ways to contact people at different levels. I think this is quite unique and there aren’t many companies out there that badger you to let them help. You don’t get this level of support anywhere else.”

Holly Foster | Lead BI Analyst, Trinny London

Why is project management important?

Cross-functional collaboration is central to everything we do. Our project managers foster teamwork by creating a structured framework where specialists from data, engineering, marketing and product can work together seamlessly. This leads to better use of different skills and resources.

We know that quality, accuracy and speed are of paramount importance to our customers, as the accuracy of insights directly impacts their decision making. Our project managers never forget this and implement quality control processes, including data validation and testing, to ensure that the data produced by our customers exceeds their expectations.

Over time, the demands on data and digital analytics in particular continue to evolve. As customer journeys and behaviors change and enterprise technology solutions (tech stacks) evolve, Snowplow’s Customer Service team continues to work with clients to adjust project scope and strategy accordingly. They ensure that the collaboration remains scalable and flexible to meet the evolving needs of the marketing and data teams of the companies that choose Snowplow.

In today’s data-driven business environment, strong, clear and decisive project management is invaluable to gaining competitive advantage. Many companies looking to change the way they access, use and act on their digital analytics fear that moving away from their current solution would require a complex process.

With Snowplow’s proven project management, we simplify the process so our customers can realize value from their data insights faster. To learn more about how we’ve helped marketing and data teams across a variety of industries, read one of our numerous case studies

International Project Management Day is an occasion to acknowledge the crucial role of project management and celebrate the professionals who drive projects to success. And we continue to raise our project management standards to help our customers achieve their business goals.

To get started with Snowplow, schedule a free demo and start expanding the possibilities of Snowplow digital analytics on your cloud data platform. 

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