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Bauer and Digdeep presentations from the second Snowplow Analytics Sydney meetup

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Last month Josh returned to Sydney, where he organised the second Snowplow Analytics Meetup Sydney event.

Simon Rumble kicked off the event with a detailed presentation (and demo): Snowplow drives everything we do. You can view Simon’s presentation below, or the original Google Doc here. Simon described the Snowplow journey that Bauer Australia had gone on, from using it as an experimental tool to using it at the heart of their dashboarding, analytics, trending and recommendation services.

Narbeh Yousefian followed up with another in depth presentation, this time covering some of the myriad ways the team at Digdeep digital has used Snowplow, including a demo of some interactive geospatial analysis. You can view his slides below:

Huge thank you to both Simon and Narbeh for presenting, Narbeh and the Digdeep team for hosting the event and Josh for organising and MCing. We look forward to the next Snowplow Meetup Sydney: please do get in touch if you’d like to speak at the next event, or signup on meetup.com to be kept up to date with news of the next meetup.

Snowplow Meetups scheduled in other cities in 2016

We have meetups planned for 2016 in Budapest, Boston and New York. Get in touch if you’d like to attend, speak or sponsor any of these events!

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