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New Azure Support: Snowplow Now Supports Microsoft’s Cloud Platform

Snowplow on Azure

Starting today, Microsoft Azure Cloud users can access the public preview of Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) on Azure. This means that you can adopt Snowplow to collect behavioral data, as well as process and store it entirely within your Azure infrastructure. We’re also adding Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Fabric, and OneLake to our extensive list of data destinations.

Snowplow already supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With this integration, customers now have a choice of the three most widely used cloud environments for their infrastructure, with Azure being the second most widely used globally.

The Azure cloud platform offers a range of over 200 products and services that let you build, run, and manage applications with the tools and frameworks of your choice. Snowplow’s seamless integration into the Microsoft ecosystem is a major advantage for companies using Azure.

Snowplow fits right into the Azure data ecosystem. Your behavioral data is delivered to the Azure Data Lake and you can use it via OneLake and Fabric (e.g. with Spark Notebooks) or via Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks. We also offer real-time ingestion into Snowflake. All this gives our customers flexibility when creating business intelligence reports and dashboards, as well as AI applications.

Industry-leading behavioral data on Azure

Snowplow is a real-time, first-party behavioral data platform that enables you to define, collect, enhance, and model event-level data across your digital estate, including websites, apps, and IoT. This rich and granular data feeds into pre-built data applications, such as marketing and product analytics dashboards. With the transparency and control over the behavioral data created, Snowplow BDP also allows customers to power custom use cases like churn prediction engines, product recommendations, and embedded analytics.

With Snowplow, you can collect data from within your website or app without sending it to third-party analytics tools — tools that are increasingly becoming blocked by measures such as ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention). This means your data is not subject to browser restrictions limiting the lifetime of cookies to a matter of days. As a result, you can build far more accurate and complete customer profiles. Furthermore, thanks to Snowplow’s Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) model, all data is processed within your cloud account and is stored in your own data warehouse or lake. In other words, you have full ownership of both the data and the infrastructure, which simplifies compliance with data privacy regulations, e.g. GDPR. 

Beyond the renowned depth and quality of Snowplow’s data, Snowplow BDP includes a robust security offering. When integrated with Azure’s security offering, the two tools are optimal for creating highly secure and compliant data stacks. Snowplow holds ISO 27001 certification and is an integral part of many SOC-2 and HIPAA-compliant deployments. Every Snowplow BDP pipeline includes a security and infrastructure management service that can scale to meet unexpected demand and ensure constant uptime and security monitoring for additional peace of mind.

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