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Snowplow Officially Joins the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

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We’re thrilled to announce a new milestone in our AWS partnership as Snowplow becomes an official member of the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

This next iteration and expansion of the AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency includes best-in-class solutions for managing advertising and marketing campaigns in the cloud.

“This milestone underscores Snowplow’s commitment to enabling brands and publishers to optimize their first party customer data strategy to better serve their customers with AWS cloud infrastructure,” said Conor Doyle, Snowplow’s VP of Alliances and Business Development.

The AWS Competency Partner Program is a prestigious designation awarded by Amazon Web Services to partners who demonstrate technical proficiency and proven customer success.

In achieving this status, Snowplow joins an exclusive group of platforms (including our activation partners Braze and ActionIQ) that have demonstrated an ability to help companies innovate rapidly, operate more efficiently, and seamlessly integrate across key areas of advertising and marketing technology.

Unlocking Transformative Use Cases

Snowplow in combination with AWS helps companies create a scalable data foundation so marketing and data teams can tackle Customer 360 use cases, such as customer acquisition, personalization, segmentation and retention. 

By streamlining Audience and Customer Data Management capabilities in the cloud, Snowplow allows marketers to confidently utilize other downstream AWS Competency technologies such as Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration, Ad Intelligence & Measurement, Advertising Platforms, and Digital Customer Experience. Using all of these platforms in concert with one another opens up a world of possibilities to personalize advertising and marketing campaigns.

How Snowplow Became an AWS Competency Partner

Becoming an AWS Competency Partner is no small feat. It involves passing a stringent technical review conducted by AWS Solution Architects and adhering to best practices laid down by the company. 

This process ensures that only the most capable and reliable partners are accredited under this program, and companies can feel comfortable knowing a solution like Snowplow will address their data collection and analytics needs.

Helping Marketers Deliver Next-Gen Customer Experiences

Snowplow has collaborated with AWS for over a decade, ever since it became the first analytics platform to test Redshift back in 2013. 

Our inclusion in the evolution of this AWS Competency is a testament to our continued commitment in evolving our joint solution for customers. 

This recognition will further enable Snowplow to assist companies in migrating applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS, and leverage the power and scalability of the cloud to improve return on ad spend (ROAS), customer conversion, and other important business metrics. 

With Snowplow’s first party data creation and modeling capabilities, the opportunities are endless for marketers to drive next-gen customer experiences.

Find out more about Snowplow’s partnership with AWS

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