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Anton Parkhomenko is a Snowplower!

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Astute readers of this blog have probably noticed a regular new author – we are hugely excited to introduce Anton Parkhomenko to the Snowplow team!


Anton joined us as a Data Engineering intern this summer to launch our new Schema Guru project. Anton was already an experienced software engineer; for him the Snowplow internship was about getting his first professional experience in Scala and Functional Programming, plus gaining exposure to Big Data technologies and open source project practices.

After a highly successful internship, which saw the release of Schema Guru versions 0.1.0 thru 0.3.0, we were delighted to make Anton an offer to join the Snowplow Data Engineering team full-time.

Since then, Anton has worked on quite a variety of key releases, including:

Currently Anton is working on all-new event enrichments, which promise to make Snowplow an ever-more flexible platform for your event analytics. Watch this space!

Welcome to the team Anton!

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