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Announcing open source Azure support

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As one of the world’s leading cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure is trusted by over 15 million corporate clients and half a billion active users worldwide. It will come as no surprise that deploying Snowplow on Microsoft Azure has been highly requested by Snowplow customers and our open source community.

Today, Snowplow announces the first milestone to running Snowplow on Azure with our quick start guide for open source. It allows users to set up a full Snowplow pipeline within their Azure account and start collecting rich behavioural data and loading it into Snowflake.

As this is a first release, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback with us on Discourse to help shape future development. If you are interested in deploying BDP Enterprise (a private SaaS with extra features and SLAs) in your Azure account, please join our waiting list here.

Alternatively, if you prefer loading data into Snowflake or Databricks hosted on Azure without managing any non-Azure infrastructure, consider BDP Cloud — our SaaS offering that fully supports these destinations.

How do I deploy Snowplow Open Source on Azure?

The setup process is automated via Terraform modules, and should take a couple of hours. Along with the guide, we are releasing new versions of our components that can run on Azure end to end, using Azure Event Hubs for messaging.

What does the roadmap look like for Azure?

This first announcement marks the start of our support for Azure. In the coming months, we will be revealing a series of guides for additional destinations, including Databricks, Microsoft Synapse, and Azure Data Lake. We will also be bringing Azure support to our Enterprise offering — Snowplow BDP. Please join our waiting list here.

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