The Apache Kafka project, plus its commercial partner Confluent, have together revolutionized how enterprises process and utilize real-time data. Snowplow has a first-class real-time integration with Kafka. Learn how Snowplow streams customer behavioral data into your Kafka cluster, enabling you to build customer data products that learn and act in real-time.

We need to act in real-time in order to stay competitive. Snowplow’s Kafka integration has made it trivially simple to capture those events and make them actionable

Alex Woolford, Field Engineer, Neo4j

Why does Snowplow deliver the best real-time web and mobile data for your Kafka cluster?

Rich and granular data

Snowplow’s behavioral data is automatically enriched with 130+ data points before reaching your Kafka cluster. Attach your own additional schema’ed data too.

Low latency load

Snowplow streams behavioral data into your Kafka cluster in near-real-time. Build Kafka Streams and KSQL apps that learn about your customers’ behavior almost the instant it occurs.

Schema’ed and versioned events

Data structures that evolve with your business: like Confluent, Snowplow technology is built around a schema registry to ensure end-to-end data integrity and agile data product development.

Fully integrate with Confluent

Double-down on your Confluent investment with Snowplow: Snowplow works out of the box with key Confluent technologies including Kafka and Kafka Connect.

Snowplow + Apache Kafka = Win

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