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Use Snowplow BDP Cloud for fast access to behavioral data

Discover the power of behavioral data with our hosted version of Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform (BDP), BDP Cloud.

With our new cloud offering, you can focus on creating behavioral data faster and focus on building impactful data products.

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Reduce deployment time

With a self-hosted pipeline and out-the-box tracking, it’s easy to start creating rich behavioral data today.

Deliver impact faster

Use our library of Data Product Accelerators alongside BDP Cloud to rapidly implement high-impact use cases and deliver value for your business.

Unlock value with ease

With BI- and AI-ready data delivered to your warehouse, realize immediate value instead of wasting time wrangling poor quality data.


What's the difference between BDP Cloud and BDP Enterprise?

Snowplow offers two different deployment models depending on your requirements.

With BDP Cloud, the components of the Snowplow pipeline that collect, enrich, and load events to your data warehouse are hosted by Snowplow—while you host your warehouse or lake. This reduces the complexity of the implementation and offers a faster time to value, with certain limitations on functionality.

With BDP Enterprise, the data pipeline is hosted within your own cloud environment (AWS or GCP)—giving you full ownership of your pipeline and data. You can track an unlimited number of events, get real time SLAs, as well as technical support to scale your collection and the privacy benefits of private deployment.

How does BDP Cloud differ from Snowplow Open Source?

Snowplow Open Source is fully owned by you and is fully private (even basic telemetry is optional).

This is a great solution for highly technical teams with capacity to do the extra work. The drawback, however, is that a lot of attention needs to be given over to management of the pipeline infrastructure, manual updates, and troubleshooting. There is also no UI or business-level tools to help with collaboration, an area which is key to getting value from your data.

Where is your cloud offering hosted?

Our cloud offering is hosted in a Snowplow-owned AWS account hosted on eu-central-1 (Frankfurt).

Which data warehouses are you supporting as part of your preview?

During the preview we will be supporting Snowflake as an end destination.

Do I need to have a warehouse, lake, or lakehouse to use BDP Cloud?

Yes, while the pipeline and platform itself is hosted by Snowplow, your storage destination is hosted in your own cloud environment. This gives you control over where and how your data is stored as well as other key compliance considerations.

Can I try BDP Cloud for free?

BDP Cloud is currently available on a waiting list basis, with the full release scheduled for Q1 2023. It is a paid offering with accessible pricing to open up the world of behavioral data to a new audience.

In the meantime, you can use Try Snowplow for free. This is a fantastic tool for learning how to work with Snowplow data or as a proof of concept for your data products/applications.

If I am accepted for the preview will I be required to provide feedback to Snowplow?

Yes, if you are accepted into the preview you consent to provide feedback to our product team regarding your experience with BDP Cloud.