Snowplow on Azure

Securely collect real-time, first-party behavioral data on the world’s second-largest cloud computing platform

Snowplow on Azure

Why use Snowplow with Azure?

Deliver data in real-time
Load data to your storage destination in as little as 5 seconds to power use cases such as real-time recommendations.
Collect first-party data
First-party server-set cookies circumvent ITP to create more accurate data sets and user journeys.
Security and privacy assurances
Choose your data residency with Snowplow and Azure for optimal compliance. Maintain total ownership of your data with Snowplow’s transparent model.
Snowplow in the Microsoft ecosystem
Data is delivered to the Azure Data Lake and can be used with OneLake & Fabric (e.g. with Spark Notebooks) as well as Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks.

How does it work?

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